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Look Who Got Organized

Click to view the makeover process from start to finish!
Customer: David & Ann, Norfolk Virginia

The Challenge:

David & Ann’s detached garage had become a cluttered mess. Clutter had piled up to a point that it was difficult to find anything and to do any work in the space.

There was no system for storing all the contents that needed to be stored in the garage. David has a motorcycle (a really nice HD Screaming Eagle). He also enjoyed other hobbies like fishing, target shooting and tinkering with his Chevrolet Avalanche.

The Goal:

David wanted an organized space where he could work on his hobbies. He wanted to store his tools and hobby items in a manner where they would be easy to find, and easy to put back in their place. He wanted to get rid of the junk that had accumulated over time and he wanted a space that would look great with his motorcycle. Ann wanted David to have the garage of his dreams.

The Solution:

The consultant, also David, designed a garage system that featured Gladiator GarageWorks workbenches with roll around cabinets that will allow David to roll the tool cabinets around his garage. Tall Gladiator GearBoxes were used to store all the fishing and shooting supplies behind closed doors. Gladiator GearWall was used to hang yard equipment and other items on the unfinished walls. A section of open shelving was installed to store coolers and other larger boxes. A fishing rod rack was installed in the ceiling. The finishing touch was a RaceDeck floor that complimented the cabinets and David’s Screaming Eagle.

David wanted us to help clear out and sort the contents of his garage. The plan included us clearing out the garage and separating the contents into items he wanted to keep, and items he wanted to dispose. 1-800-Got-Junk was brought in to take care of the junk items. The remaining keep items were grouped by like items and staged so they could be stored in the newly outfitted garage.

Comments from Dave & Ann:

Dear David,

Ann and I want to thank you and your employees of Garage Concepts. Having lived here for over 28 years things had gotten to be overwhelming in our garage. I always wanted an organized garage, but it was becoming harder and harder to realize due to increased clutter and medical issues. Then there was the fact of not really knowing what products were out there in the marketplace to help me get organized. I also had no way to determine what type and how much of each product I would need to create my "dream garage."

Both Ann and I felt we needed an "all in one company" that could handle this big task from the beginning to the end. You and Garage Concepts far exceeded our expectations!

From the beginning you and your employees were very courteous, helpful and professional. It was great to see our garage taking shape from just plans on paper to the finished product. I realized how much labor and coordinated effort it took to make the organized garage a reality.

It is so great to be able to find all of my tools and supplies in a clean, well lit garage. It makes me want to spend more time out there (as well as wanting to put things back in their proper place so they can be found later ) vs. the " old garage" which made me want throw up my hands and give up.

We were also very impressed with the work done by 1-800-Got-Junk - so much so that we later hired them to clean out our attic.

Thank you for everything you did for us. I would gladly recommend Garage Concepts to anyone who wants a well designed quality garage.

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